About the Rhino Engine

The Rhino Engine is a suite of tools consisting of backend data services - and applications that take advantage of this data.

For example, one of the abilities of the Rhino Engine's backend, is that it can match up track data from all major digital music services. We can then use this data to make a Multi-player App, that allows users to listen to a track on their prefered service.

But the Rhino Engine is also a two way street, we can also use this track data and retrieve all the URLs for a track across all music services to create a smart URL in the Rhino.com CMS that will automatically redirect a user to the music service they prefer.

Some example short URLs:

We can also use this track data to "push" and publish an actual playlist that lives in the various music services under a user account we control. No more manualy entering playlists in multiple music services. We use the Rhino.com CMS as a central point to create these unique pieces of content, and make them relevant with the music service data we can retrieve from the Rhino Engine's backend.

Vist the Application Examples page to see some of the things we can build using the data from the Rhino Engine.

Vist the API Documentation page for more details on the Rhino Engine backend.